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CRIMEHOT is about hot thieves in a crazy future where the human race was guided by an all-knowing Algorithm to leave Earth behind and colonize the depths of outer space and okay you already know all that. Who cares. This is THE SECOND BOOK. It's almost TWICE AS LONG as the first one. It's also A LOT SEXIER.

Enjoy the second installment of CRIMEHOT, an on-going sexy sci-fi caper comedy by Alec Robbins (creator of MR. BOOP.)

CRIMEHOT #2 is 42 pages.


HEADS UP: The contents of this comic are EXPLICITLY SEXUAL (much moreso than the first one) and as such it is only intended for an audience of 18 years or older. If you are 17 or younger, please politely close this browser window and vow to never again go online. Thank you.

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